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How to Fly an Ultralight Plane

Angeles City Flying Club is a great place to learn flying.

We are flexible with your training. We will always try to arrange classroom training and flying time whenever you have time (except Wednesdays).

Our instructors have an immense experience and you will meet other pilots who will be happy to share their experience.

Our Curriculum

We train after The Ultralight Pilot’s Flight Training Manual, written by Curtis Hughes and published by the United States Ultralight Association, Inc. (USUA).

We have taken this manual and adapted it to our training environment and Philippine regulations.

Training room

The full training course includes at least 30 flying hours.

You must pass a written test and physical excamintation before flying solo. There is no maximum time to complete the course. We allow our members to set their own pace.

Already a pilot? Most current general avaition pilots need one to three hours of instruction before a check ride. Please bring your log book, pilot license and medical certificate.

Training Sylabus

Phase 1 - Basic Airwork

  • Ground Operations
  • Level flight and coordinated turns
  • Airpseed / altitude control and steeper turns
  • Normal take offs, climbs and descents

Phase 2 - Advanced Airwork

  • Minimum Controllable Airspeed and Stalls
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Ground REference Maneuvers

Phase 3 - Traffic Pattern

  • Stabilised approaches and airport operations
  • Normal landings and ultralight performance
  • Maximum performance takeoffs and landings

Phase 4 - Solo flight

  • Solo taxi practice
  • first solo fligt




Phase checks

Each student receives periodic phase tests. You will have to show how you have progressed, but to a different instructor. This will uncover any weaknesses that the regular instructor may have overlooked.

Check rides, phase checks, annual flight checks are administered by Angeles City Flying Club- designated flight evaluators.

Written tests

The written test is given before the first solo flight. You must receive a satisfactory score (70%) before your first solo flight.

Check rides

When you have flown a minimum of 30 total hours (of which a least 10 hours dual and 10 hours solo) and the instructor feels that you are ready you do your final check ride.

An examiner pilot will fly with you to evaluate your skills. If you pass you get your "Sport Pilot Licence".

Required maneuvers

Straight and level flight, climbs/descents
stalls (power on/off), emergency procedures,
S- turns/ figure eights, slow flight, normal and crosswind landings, turns around a point