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Flying Rates


Try a membership introductional flight, with one of our experienced flight coaches, you can experience ultralight flying at its best, before making the eventual decision to become a full member and take up ultralight flying. Each membership introductional flight comes with daily membership to experience the ACFC and all its facilities. We have various packages, the most basic starting at P4888*


Full Members can use club airplanes for a share of the running cost. The cost share for flying one of our ultralights for 30 minutes starts at P2990* solo or P3340* with a flight coach. The time counted is engine running time.

Other Prices

Apartment single occupation: P840* / day   Apartment double occupation: P1000* / day   Apartment additional occupant: P280* / day

*includes VAT

YEARLY MEMBERSHIP DUES P 15800 Incl. VAT (Full Flying Membership)

You can now pay the yearly membership fee by PayPal and by credit card. Simply click on the Buy Now button and follow the instructions.