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Gliders Philippines Check out the first ever glider planes in the Philippines.

Zulu Time:

15° 15.233'N, 120° 40.637'E
ELEV: 100 Ft.

Magn. declinat'n:
1°33' W

Pilots' Corner

Notice to ACFC Airmen

1. Observe maximum altitude in Charlie: Stay below 800ft

Never exceed 800ft AGL in our training airspace to ensure you stay clear of commercial airspace.

2. Power line hazard

There is an almost invisible power line across the lahar river. There are more of such power lines everywhere in Charlie. New power lines go up all the time. Never drop below 200 ft.


Overland Flights

Pilots who wish to fly overland must be endorsed to CAAP first. To get endorsed you need to pass a theoretical test of 30 questions.

Pass mark is 70% (21 questions). You have 35 minutes to answer the questions.

As a general exam technique we recommend you answer the questions where you are sure about the anwer uickly first. Then review the questions you are unsure about later. Some answers maybe 'more correct than others' this is common in multiple choice tests.

To prepare for the test read these documents:

  • CAAP CAR's Document as it relates to single engine VFR flight, Especially Part 8
  • ICAO rules of the air. in terms of flying levels, visual ATC signals in event of radio failure, Rules of the Air

You will find all answers here.

When you are ready to take the test please ask our office to set you up on a computer and the exam will be same format as the sample test below, In the event of not gaining the required 70% pass mark you can sit the exam again the next day after reviewing your knowledge base. Failure on the second attempt will require a one week break for additional study.

Below you find a sample test for your preparation.

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Check Rides

Annual check rides include a briefing following this form. Pilots with an existing pilot licence from other authorities wishing to obtain an ACFC license also have to undergo check rides and the same briefing. In addition they have to undergo a conversion briefing following this form.

Weather Information

Weather data from the Angeles City Flying Club weather station (Sitio Talimundok, Magalang, Pampanga, Philippines). Our station updates this page during the ACFC opening hours.

10 min. avg.

Last contact with station: . Update in: 0 seconds

Visit our weather page for all weather information and a complete history.



Get the full ACFC weather report and history on our weather page.


Weather from WeatherUnderground

Get complete METARS, TAFs, satellite pictures, forecasts and history here.

Click for Clark Special Economic Zon, Philippines Forecast


NOAA Aviation weather forecast

Open the NOAA site and enter the ICAO station identifier. Select "Translated" and click on "Get TAFS".

Look up other ICAO station identifiers here.

ICAO identif. Station
RPLC Clark
RPLL Manila
RPLB Olongapo (Subic)


Selected city forecast by Pagasa

Typhoon activity and forecast by Typhoon 2000


Correct Engine Handling

Do not take off with a cold engine

Do not switch off a hot engine immediately

Before flying: Do warm up the engine at 2000 rpm for 2 minutes and then at 2500 rpm until operating temperature is reached

Before switching the engine off: Do let the engine run at 3000 rpm for 2 minutes and then at 2000 rpm for a short period to dissipate heat build up.

Cyclinder head temperature range for Rotax 503: 180°C - 220°C, for Rotax 582: 110°C - 130°C

Overheating Warning: Engine overheat can occur with our planes and it can make the engine fail! Always reduce throttle setting after take off. Do check the temperature gauge regularly.

Cross Country Reports

Visit Yankin' and Bankin' for reports and photos of cross country flights by ACFC members.

Other Flying Clubs

NOK Aviation Flying Club

A not-for-profit club offering flying training for Thai PPL and aircraft for hire. Also offer glider training

Pattaya Airpark

Extensive facilities and fast developing. Offers flying school, accommodation and even an aircraft museum.

Thai flying club

A GA flying club and flying school in beautiful surroundings. The club has a large fleet inlcuding Cessnas, Pipers and Grunmans

Valley Flying Club

From Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Has a variety of GA planes and services

Gyro Goes Global

An autogyro record attempt. You can also follow Norman Surplus, the first person to fly around the world in a gyro copter on his blog


Propeller Girl
New pilot cartoons from the ACFC