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Top 3 Questions

1. Is it safe?

Like any sport, also flying has its risks. But ultralight flying with the ACFC is one of the safest ways to fly.

There have been no fatal accidents or accidents with disabling injuries at the ACFC since it opened in 1993. Our planes are maintained by certified aircraft mechanics. Our instructors have many hundred flying hours. And we fly only over open land, where, if things go really wrong, we can do a safe emergency landing.

2. How much does it cost?

It's not dirt cheap, but there is no cheaper way to fly than with ultralight planes. The ACFC is a non-profit organisation. Click her for our rates page.

3. What happens when the engine fails?

The plane glides to the ground and the pilot lands in a field. We train all pilots for the rare case of engine failure. Engine outs are much less problematic in an ultralight than with bigger planes. Our planes glide slower and need little space to land.

Safe Outfield Landing

Not a scratch: A Quicksilver after a rare engine failure and safe off-field landing


What is the Angeles City Flying Club?

The Angeles City Flying Club is the premier ultralight flying club in the Philippines. It is a non-profit, non-stock corporation certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

Its outstanding facilities, aircraft, and international membership make it like none other in the world. The club offers sport pilot Training, ultralight rental, large hangars and maintenance facilities.

We have been operating since 1993 and we have some of the most experienced ultralight pilots and maintenance personnel Asia. We have three, 230 m2 hangars, a club house with office, training room, canteen, and a swimming pool with bamboo huts to shield you from the sun. This is all in a clean country atmosphere.

Can I try before I join?

Yes. We offer "Trial Introductory Flights" (TIF) of 10-20 minute duration that allows you to fly with an instructor and see if you would like to take the next step; join the club and take the lessons and learn to fly yourself. Check our rates page for the current TIF price.

Can I rent an ultralight after I finish training?

Yes you can. As a member of the club you can rent any of the ultralights that are club operated. You pay the "solo" rate only.

How high do you fly?

Some ultralights fly over 6000 feet (2 kilometers) high. However in our dedicated training airspace we normally don't fly higher than 800ft and not lower than 300ft.

How long does it take to get a license?

The full course has a minimum duration of 30 flying hours. At least 10 of those must be dual instruction (you and the trainer) and at least 10 hours must be student solo.

The average student flies solo in about 15 hours. This varies depending on the natural ability and frequency of training of the individual. In a dedicated flight training program, flying an average of two hours a day it would take about eight days to first solo and 16 days to get the Sport Pilot Certificate.

Depending on weather conditions one could solo in less than 10 days and complete the course in less than 3 weeks. There is no maximum time limit to complete the course, those with limited time can fly whenever they can, naturally it takes longer but you will not be released until the instructor is sure of your abilities.

What kind of licence can I get?

The Philippine Air Transportation Office will not issue a license for any uncertified aircraft (such as ultralight planes). We therefore issue a club-own Sport Pilots Certificate that shows that you have passed all of our training and certification requirements. This certificate is not recognized anywhere but here.

I already have a pilot's licence. Can I use it at the ACFC?

If you have a license you will need to bring it with you (or a copy) along with your medical. After joining the club you will fly with a staff instructor and he will determine what your training requirements will be as well as brief you on local procedures and regulations. The normal transition time is 2 - 5 hours depending on the experience and competency level.

Where can I fly?

We do have a restricted primary airspace around our airfield of almost 300 sq. km (see map), locally known as Charlie 1. We can also use the adjacent airspaces Charlie 2, 3 and we can fly outside these areas with a pre-approved waiver from Air Transportation Office.

How do I start?

Just come to the club, fill out the membership application, pay the fee, buy the training manual and you will be on the way to earning your Sport Pilots License. You will fly your first lesson the same day.

Room at Angeles City Flying Club

Can I come and stay and learn to fly?

Absolutely! There are many hotels in close-by Angeles City. We found the Clarkton Hotel http://www.clarkton.com/ provides good value in the middle to higher class.

We also have two apartments with kitchen at the airfield (see picture to the right).

See the rates page for the overnight rate.

Can I pay by credit card?


Can heavy people also fly?

Yes. Our planes may be ultralight but they can carry even very heavy people all the way up to about 115kg.