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The Angeles City Flying Club

is an ultralight flying club and flying school two hours north of Manila in the Philppines (see our contacts page for the exact location).

Since 1993 we offer pilot training, plane rental, hangar rental and maintenance services. Today the ACFC is one of the best know flying clubs in Asia. And we are one of the top adventure holiday destinations in the Philippines.

We are open to all who are interested in ultralight flying (including light sport aircraft and microlight flying). Even non-members can try to fly an ultralight plane (we give you a qualified instructor). As a member you can do a complete ultralight flight training, rent planes or store your own plane in the club hangars.

Our members come from all over the world and we are always open to visitors and new members.

Everyone: We welcome you!

We welcome visitors and new members from the Philippines and from overseas.

We welcome experienced pilots and absolute beginners. You can come for an introduction flight or for a complete course.

Pilots and students from around the globe spend their vacation here.

Serious about safety

The ACFC has a good safety record. In the 20 years we have been flying we have not lost a single pilot or passenger in an accident.

When you visit us please do not go into the hangars or on the runway or apron alone. Always report at our office first and ask to be escorted.

While we are all about flying fun, we are also very serious about safety. Our own licensed mechanics maintain our planes . Most of our maintenance staff have many years of experience on sport aircraft.

Location: on a tropical island

You find us in Central Luzon just north of Manila, only 16 kilometres from Clark Special Economic Zone.

The Central Luzon region contains the largest plains area of the Philippines. This makes it an ideal place to fly.

The area offers many additional attractions, like wake baording (in Angeles), diving (in Subic), cycling, hiking, fine dining or night clubbing. Contact us and we tell you more.

For a detailed map see our contacts page.

Weather Forecast: (almost) always fine

Our weather here is what you would expect from the tropics. With great flying conditions most of the year. Only June to August are the months that can pose a problem for cross-country flights, although local flights barring typhoons are usually OK. There are only few days where weather grounds our aeroplanes.

Our mission

Safe and inexpensive flying fun for everyone

What is a flying club? A definition:

A flying club is a not-for-profit, member-run organisation that provides its members with flying facilities and aeroplanes.


Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 0800 - 1700
Friday to Sunday 0800 - 1730

Angeles City Flying Club

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Woodland Airfield, home of the ACFC

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Welcome to the skies

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ACFC clubhouse

bamboo huts

Bamboo huts lining the pool

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Maxair Drifter

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Climbing high over Mt. Arayat